The Joy
of Movement


Orthopaedic surgeon

Specialising in General Orthopaedic Trauma and conditions of the Hip and Knee

BEng(Hons), MPhil CANTAB, MBBS(Hons), FRACS(Orth), FAOrthA



Meet Phil


Specialising in Trauma and conditions of the Hip and Knee, Phil enjoys the unique challenges that come with restoring mobility to his patient’s lives. His broad surgical experience extends from hip and knee replacements right through to soft tissue knee and ACL injuries, trauma and general fractures and amputation.



One of the most successful procedures in terms of patient satisfaction, a hip replacement returns mobility and function over a short period of time.



Whether it be a sporting injury or debilitating arthritis of the knee, this highly complex joint affects people of all ages. Phil is experienced in both soft tissue injuries as well as knee replacements.



A procedure with remarkable results involving insertion of an implant into the bone allowing prosthetics to be fitted rapidly and with ease.

Sydney, Australia

Level 2, Suite 5, 66 Pacific Highway,
St Leonards NSW 2065

P: 02 8916 6380

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